Fish with People Faces

George is angry because he just swam through a pile of whale turds.

George is angry because he just swam through a pile of whale turds.

You go to the local aquarium (or “fish prison” as I like to call it) and spend a few hours looking for the Rolls Royces of the underwater world, the fish that glow blue. Unfortunately, along the way, you’re bound to come across the creepiest of the underwater creatures: The fish with the people face.

They have the nose, sometimes the moustache — I swear to God, I once saw a fish that was the spitting image of my Uncle Irving. And I’ll be honest: Uncle Irving’s face on a human being was never a walk in the park. But on a fish? Horrifying.

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    7 years ago

    The ironic thing is that fish is looking at us through his tank thinking, “She has a fish face. She looks just like my Aunt Jane.” Maybe we are the ones that are creepy.


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