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Creepiness. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as: “Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one’s skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story.”

Horror movies do it best. The house in the middle of the woods—creepy; the killer with the hockey mask—creepy. Ghosts, satanic cults, even the sight of an empty playground. But what about all the other somewhat less “on the nose” things that we encounter every day? Those lifelike baby dolls Marie Osmond sells on QVC? Grown ups with pigtails? People with dentures that don’t quite fit?What else is creepy like that? How would one rate that level of creepiness? That’s what Creepiosity is all about.

This book stars the creepy little things we’ve all experienced, from the very creepy (the mouthless puppets on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood) to the mildly creepy (old ladies with really long hair). You won’t find any hockey-mask-wearing killers, but you will find The Guy at the Bowling Alley That Fixes Things, and you’re much more likely to run into that guy in a dark alley. No satanic cults, just Glinda the Good Witch. Squirrels That Look at You a Bit Too Long? Check. Grandma candy? Yep.

And, of course, grown men in Boy Scout uniforms.


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About the Author of ‘Creepiosity’

David BickelBesides being one of the world’s most respected creepiologists, David Bickel is a writer and producer who has been working in television since Clinton was president. His credits include “Hiller and Diller” starring Richard Lewis and Kevin Nealon, and a nine-year stint on the Emmy-nominated show “The King of Queens.” He is currently working on the series he developed, “Motorcity” for the Walt Disney Company.